The Club has always raised funds for the benefit of charitable causes, mainly in our local community although some money is spent on national or overseas projects. Donations vary from a few pounds to commitments of ongoing support for thousands of pounds each year over a period. In this way, we regularly dispense more than £25,000 during the course of a year.

During the year ended 30th June 2018, the following donations were made:

  • £7,458 to assist people in fuel poverty in Brighton & Hove;
  • £5,000 to Martlets Hospice;
  • £2,247 running bingo sessions in retirement homes;
  • £1,500 to Leo House in the Home;
  • £1,500 on a trip for children to a pantomime;
  • £1,035 to the Outlook Foundation;
  • £1,000 each to the Ralli Hall Lunch & Social Club, Extratime, the East Sussex Association for the Blind's Tuesday Club and to the Brighton Fringe to provide bursaries for senior citizens to perform;
  • £975 to Fun in Action;
  • £750 to the Somerset Day Centre;
  • £600 to the 5th Hove Scout Group;
  • £500 each to Sound Tennis Sussex, Safety Net, Off the Fence, and the Mobility Trust towards a power wheelchair for a local resident.
  • £482 to provide toys for children in hospital and at a women's refuge;
  • £480 to InterAct Stroke Support;
  • £450 to the Stroke Association;
  • £418 to the Prostate Cancer Support Organisation for Sussex;
  • £400 to the Sussex Multiple Sclerosis Centre;
  • plus almost three dozen smaller donations and purchases bringing the total for the year to over £35,000. Some 98% of this was for the benefit of people in our local community!